Monday, 18 November 2013 12:52

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Housewarming Campaign

The brand new Chris O'Brien Lifehouse has officially opened!

The incredible work that has gone into seeing my husband Chris' vision realised is coming to fruition. Our first patients, and their families will begin using our state-of-the-art facilities this week. And I want to thank you for playing your part as one of the believers.

With your support we can fulfil our promise of delivering uncompromising care for people with cancer from day one. I would be extremely grateful to you if you could help us turn Lifehouse into a home this Christmas, by making a housewarming gift as part of our Lifehousewarming campaign.

Chris was diagnosed just before Christmas in 2006. I will never forget the shadow that cast or the bravery that Chris inspired in us all. Due to his determination and will to live, he navigated his cancer journey with great courage and lived for two more years. With your help we can support many more people living with cancer this Christmas.

You can contribute to turning Lifehouse into a home. A home that will be there for all of us at a time of great need. Please make your housewarming contribution today, and include a message of support for our new patients.

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