Tuesday, 18 July 2017 10:53

Aug 1 High Tea Against Homelessness Fundraiser - Fitzroy Melbourne

Your High Tea against Homelessness event can be as decadent or as simple as you like. Simply: -Register the event by clicking REGISTER. -Email or send invitations to your staff and friends using the template provided in the registration email. -Prior to the event, send an email reminding people to bring a plate of food - or you might like to provide the food and drinks. -Ask people who are attending your event to donate to The Way Community. You could suggest an amount or leave it up to the individual. Money can be collected on the day, or people can donate through our Eventbrite page and their donation will link to your event. - Enjoy the High Tea! You will receive a big thank you and we will let you know how much you raised for us. Thank you for supporting our High Tea against Homelessness this August.  

FAQs   What can I bring into the event? The organiser can choose if they will provide the High Tea or if they ask for contributions from their freinds, family and staff. High Tea might include, muffins, sandwiches, slices, cakes, tea and coffee. Or you could pull out a show stopping Croquembouche to wow your crowd. Other items to bring to your event include a donations box and enough plates, cups saucers, cutlery, tables and chairs. Perhaps a picnic rug in the park with serviettes will work perfectly for your event. How can I contact the organiser with any questions? 03 9417 4898

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? No, unless your event organiser has asked you to. How do I pay funds that I have collected by hand? Your cash donation box can be paid either through our Eventbrite page by clicking 'Donate here if you are attending a High Tea against Homeless event". Follow the steps to donate the sum of the donations box. You can also send us a cheque or deliver in person. Please contact us on 03 9417 4898 or to discuss how we can make it easier for you to submit your fundraising efforts to us.BUY TICKETS HERE

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