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June 17 Days For Girls Busy Bee Fundraiser - Ardross WA

Days for Girls was founded in 2008 to create a more dignified, free, and educated world through access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions. They seek to help women and girls discover their potential and self-worth. Women and girls in the program are taught that they are equal participants and agents of social change and are given opportunities to thrive, grow, and contribute to their communities’ betterment while ensuring quality, sustainable feminine hygiene.   Days for Girls works to provide every girl in the world the education, safety, and dignity that they deserve through direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits; by partnering with nonprofits, groups, and organizations; by raising awareness; and by helping communities around the world start their own programs.

Thanks to a global grassroots network of thousands of volunteers and supporters on six continents, Days for Girls has reached women and girls in 75 countries. Each kit comes with a resuable bag for them to carry what they need. 2 zip lock bags which allow them to soak their liners in a small amount of water. A small bar of soap, they use shavings of it to wash liners. 8 Liners, 2 pairs of underware, 2 shields, 1 washcloth & a small cycle chart.  So far, myself and my lovely group of friends have made 40 kits that went to Guatemala & 20 that went to Nepal. The feedback we have had has been wonderful & lots of people have expressed an interest to help. We would love for you all to be involved, everyone can do something, even if you cant sew, we have jobs for people to iron, cut, fold & pack.  We would like to aim for 100 kits!  A big project like this does not happen with out wonderful volunteers, even if you can not come on the day, you can help. We need dontations of: Ladies underware size 10 & 12 - cotton in PLAIN DARK Colours. (Please purchase and wash them in unsented laundry detergent.)  Wash cloths or Flannels, dark vibrant colours, (Please purchase and wash them in unsented laundry detergent.) Zip Lock bags - we love the ones from IKEA, the 4.5 litre size (you get to keep the bigger ones in the box)  Fabric, for the liners. Quality, durable 100% cotton flannel – No bed sheets!  Appealing Medium / Dark colors with patterns that help hide stains (fabric can have some lighter colors in a pattern).  Botanical, geometric, batik, etc. patterns are best.  No light colored fabrics that will easily show stains.  No prints with a face/eyes (animals, fish, people, etc.)  No insects or snakes (butterflies without face/eyes are okay)  No Camouflage / Guns / Hunting No solid saffron yellow fabric (the color of Monk’s robes), yellow in patterns is okay  No fabric with suggestive words  Avoid National flag patterns  If you would like to purchase this fabric, please wash it in unscented laundry detergent prior to cutting. You may also like to make a $$ donation to help us purchse this fabric as we need LOTS of it. Fabric for the sheilds & bags. 100% Cotton (Like quilters cotton) Same requirements as above, however for the bags we can use bright femine colours.  Again please wash & it would be fabulous if you could precut the sheild templates out or the bags to size, please email me for details.  PUL Fabric. White is fine. We also need people to bring some equipment on the day. (Please label everything.) * If you are sewing or overlocking - your own machine and a supply of coloured cottons to use. * Power Board & extension cords. * Lamps may be needed for extra light when sewing. * Rotary cutting mats and blades. * Ironing boards and irons. * Sewing scissors. * Pins * Snacks to share. * Drink bottle. * Label maker & tape for it. * Some "woolies" or "coles" recycled bags to pack finished kits into.  * Quilters pegs if you have some.  Can someone please offer to be the tea/coffee lady & bring the goodies for that. Rovers will be given odd jobs helping out where needed, laminating & trimming, folding, organizing, labeling etc. I will also need some volunteers to come half hour early to set up & help pack up at the end of the day.

Cash donations are much appreciated as there are purchases to be made. Like ribbons and laminating pouches. I have broken the jobs into timeslots, please feel free to come to one or all day if you wish, there are jobs for everyone. Our Go Fund Me link is : Or you can donate below.  For more information, please join our Facebook Group



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