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Oct 20 Masquerade Fundraising Cocktail Party - Connolly WA

Kidzucate is inviting you to their 2017 Masquerade Fundraising Cocktail Party.  Kidzucate is a 100% Volunteer-based Harm Prevention Charity.

Buy Tickets: Here $45 -

  • Our Vision is to create a happier world for our children and youth.
  • Our Mission is to empower young people with the knowledge and awareness to identify child and youth related issues and take appropriate action towards their own and other children's safety and wellbeing.
  • Our Objective is to promote the prevention or the control of behaviour that is harmful or abusive to human beings, primarily in emotional abuse; physical abuse; sexual abuse; and substance abuse and is carried out in the following activities:  Take-A-Stand and Teen Safety Programs.
  • Our Values are Collaboration, Courage, Education, Equality, Fairness, Honesty, Leadership, Neutrality, Support and Transparency.
  • In 2014, at 6 years of age, Sian Williams founded Kidzucate. Also known as “The Kidzucate Kid”, Sian felt inspired to start Kidzucate when she suffered bullying at school because of her stutter. Sian refused to become another statistic of bullying and found a fun, kid-friendly solution to her problem.  Kidzucate kicked off with Sian using YouTube to present her educational videos, teaching kids how to be better kids. Sian’s vision was to not just talk about bullying, but to mentor children her age as she believed that kids learn better through kids. When Sian is inspired, she speaks out through her YouTube videos and gives tips and advice on things that have happened in her and her friends’ lives.  Sian’s initiative has a huge impact on other children. They can relate to the issues raised by Sian and respond positively towards her work and mission.

    Sian also inspires adults, receiving more and more acknowledgment and support from diverse media outlets and recognition through awards both nationally and internationally. In 2014, Sian was invited by the Youth for Human Rights to attend their Youth Summit in Brussels, Belgium to represent Australia. She was the youngest delegate in the world to attend the Summit. She won the Human Rights Hero Award – at age 7 she was the youngest person to ever receive this prestigious award. Sian gave a 15-minute speech to the audience of 300 people.

    Other awards that Sian has achieved include:

    • 2014 Pride of Australia Young Leader Medal for WA – Age 7.

    • 2017 Governor’s City of Joondalup Youth Citizen of the Year Award – Age 10.

    To receive these awards at such a young age is a truly outstanding achievement.

    Please support our 100% Volunteer-based Charity at this event.  Looking forward to see you all there. 

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